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At the end of a six+ hour round, Mirim Lee edged out both Caroline Hedwall and Stacy Lewis for her second career win, both coming in the last two and a half months. Lee was able to battle windy conditions and nerves to claim a surprising victory and add to an already incredibly successful rookie season.
“I really didn’t think I would get my second win this quickly.” Lee said. “I was a lot more nervous this time than first time around. I think I made a few mistakes towards the end, especially on the 18th. I’m really happy I won the tournament, and it was good.”
Stacy Lewis either led or was tied for the lead after the first three rounds but the No. 1 ranked player struggled especially on the back nine, finishing the day with a 75 and 11-under for the tournament. Although she may have not played as well as she liked, she managed to influence the young Lee during the round.
“Usually when I play my rounds I don’t watch the other players.” Lee said of playing with Lewis. “Today I really observed how Stacy played, and she was such a phenomenal player. It shows why she is the No. 1 player in the world.”
Lee claims to have been nervous but she shot a dagger in the heart of both Hedwall and Lewis with her up and down on 17 off a rock before sinking a 12-foot putt. 
“The ball was actually on the rock.” Lee said. “It went to the direction I wanted it to go, but it wasn’t the momentum that I wanted. So I was telling it to sit down and sit, but I think the result was pretty good. I was happy with the outcome. 
Hedwall was aware that victory may not be hers at that point.
“Of course you’re always a little disappointed that you couldn’t pull it off and win.” Hedwall said of her finish. “At the same time, the up and down she made on 17 was just incredible.”

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Fecha: 02.10.-05.10.2014Par: 73Dotación en premios: $2,100,000
1Lee M.-15F-470687069277
2Hedwall C.-13F067716873279
T3Kang H.-12F-469727069280
T3Lang B.-12F-170667272280
T3Park I.-12F-269726871280
T6Lee Mi-Hyang-11F-669766967281
T6Lewis S.-11F+266687275281
T8Lee I.-10F-169707172282
T8Phatlum P.-10F-572756768282
10Choi C.-9F-171707072283
T11Pan Y.-8F-171687372284
T11Pettersen S.-8F+174667074284
T11Uribe M.-8F-373697270284
14Shi Y.-7F+174696874285
T15Lindberg P.-5F+172707174287
T15Masson C.-5F+570687178287
T15Mozo B.-5F+469697277287
T15Tan K.-5F+174706974287
T19Choi N. Y.-4F075716973288
T19Gal S.-4F+272697275288
T19Hur M. J.-4F+473716777288
T19Ryu S. Y.-4F+472697077288
T19Shin Je.-4F+268737275288
T19Tseng Y.-4F+269756975288
T19Yoo S. Y.-4F+568736978288

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